Research has shown more and more couples are choosing vibrators over handcuffs and blindfolds, and enjoying them together.
Intimacy expert Mel Macdonald advised sales of couples’ massagers have increased by 82% globally in 2013.
“Research suggests that among women who own 2 or more sex toys 78% can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation”’ said Ms Macdonald.
“This is a common story however only 40% of Australian women own a vibrator”.
“I found it interesting that a survey with 25,000 LELO sex toy owners reflected women voicing that they want their partners to use sex toys on them to increase satisfaction but this isn’t happening”.
“The ironic thing is, due to the lack of communication and this taboo subject, women are unaware that 89% of men surveyed said they would be happy to use a sex toy with their partner”.
Ms Macdonald said people who introduce adult toys into the bedroom such as a simple blindfold, benefit from the following:
• Increase sense of adventure: Experimenting can spice it up.
• Increase trust: Especially when adding a bit more kink, this component is vital.
• Increase communication: Partners are forced to communicate exactly what they want.
• Increase duration of sex: Studies show sessions last an average of 15 minutes longer.
• Increase female orgasms: With over 78% of women needing clitoral stimulation, couple products, clitoral massagers and rabbits are playing a satisfying part.
• Increase quantity of sex: Sex 3 times a week is now the norm!
• Increase positions: Studies show an increase of 3 positions per sessions in comparison to only 1 in 2011.
Ms Macdonald stated that she had come across men of more mature age that found sex toys a threat to their masculinity, “They believed that they were being ‘replaced’”.
“Once I explained that there are amazing ‘couples’ toys’ on the market allowing him to not only satisfy his partner more, but keep ‘control’ thanks to the remotes provided, I found they would relax and ask “How much?”
Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of She Comes First states, “A large majority of women don’t orgasm consistently from intercourse alone, but when you add a sex toy or manual or oral stimulation—what I call ‘intercourse plus’— the statistics kind of flip on their heads.”
Leading manufacturer LELO in 2012 said adult toy sales reflected an increase of over 200% on couples massagers.
“These products are my No#1 recommendation for any couple looking for change in the bedroom”, said Ms Macdonald.
“The benefit is, they can also be used solo for those women who haven’t found a suitable partner yet”.
Ms Macdonald provides an array of couples products right from the beginners level on her online store. She finds that the explanations on video tutorial on her YouTube channel between the products have assisted many couples in finding just what’s right for them. For more information, visit her site
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