How to Dress to Makes His Eyes Pop!

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I love dressing up for bed! High heel shoes, slinky outfits and maybe some handcuffs to top off the effect. Maybe the handcuffs are not your thing, but do you know what your partner’s thing is? In the past, I didn’t put much thought into what I wore to bed except what the temperature was in the room. With some gentle pushing from my husband, I started wearing the sexy things I already had and bought a few more. Looking sexy made me feel more sexy and made the sex better.
Now ladies, you may think that your man doesn’t care what you wear to bed. Yet, we’ve all heard that men are visual so what can you do to spice up your wardrobe…and spice up your sex life? Here is How to Dress to Makes His Eyes Pop.

Women love shoes!

And guess what, men do too. Not tennis shoes or flip flops but those high heel shoes that you only wear out on special occasions. Well, they are good for the bedroom too. Stripper shoes are the obvious choice and one that you will probably only wear to bed unless you are adventurous and willing to chance spraining your ankle. The great thing about wearing them to bed is that you don’t have to walk very far!
But don’t just think of the obvious stripper shoes. Pay attention to the whole outfit. A pair of thigh boots will look great with sexy undies. A pair of cowboy boots will look great with a blue jean mini-skirt. Even just regular high heels can compliment a satin nightie, especially if you are going for the innocent look.

Outfits: What does your man like?

The “innocent look” comment made me think of all the different looks you can have when you go to bed. What does your man like? If you don’t know, you can always ask, but I know that some men are not very good at communicating what they really want. An idea is to go to a website that sells sexy clothes and tell him that you want him to pick out something for you to order. Maybe a few things and make them different styles so you can match his and your mood.

Sweet & Innocent

The fun thing about dressing sweet & innocent is that you know you aren’t either sweet or innocent. At least, you don’t plan to be that night, and your man knows it. A little satin chemise or nightie (what I call it) with stripper shoes fits that bill. Another good choice is a little Cami with matching PJ shorts. You could probably go without the shoes with that outfit.
If you are into “dress up” outfits, there are a lot of fun options in this category. By “dress up” outfits, I mean like costumes. Catholic school girls is an example. Stripper shoes are a must to top off this outfit and usually black. Dress up outfits may not be for everyone. Some ladies might feel a bit silly dressed as Boo Peep and looking for her sheep. I do have the Boo Peep costume and I bet you can guess where I always find my sheep.  But we can save role plays for another day.

Hot & Steamy

This category is so wide and varied. Anything from teddies, corsets, matching bra and panties to many, many costumes can make you feel like a sexy siren! A sexy teddy with fishnet stockings and matching shoes will get his motor roaring. Some of these outfits you can wear under your regular clothes when you go out. Just make sure to give your husband a good peek when you get a chance so he knows what he’s in for later.
This is where I would place most of the costumes. If you don’t have any costumes, there are so many online. You could start with something that all men dream about like the sexy nurse, domineering cop or playboy bunny. There are many websites that have a wide array of costumes. You can find 6 different nurse outfits on just one website! I also like to stock up on costumes at Halloween at the Halloween stores. You can find some great deals there too.

Down Right Dirty

Let your man know how bad you can be! This category can range from the stringy outfits that cover hardly anything to the 50 shades kind of stuff. I think most people really aren’t into the dominatrix thing, and I have no experience in that so I won’t talk about it a lot. But, if that excites you and your man, I say, “go for it!”
The shock factor on this one can be high if you don’t usually dress like this to bed. That’s half the fun. He feels like he sees a whole other side of you. Super high heels that you will never wear out are fun with these outfits. The shoes may cover more of you than the outfit but that’s ok. Just remember to wear it with a matching attitude!
What is your favorite thing to wear to bed? Well, what do you wear when you want to have some fun! Flannel night gown or old college t-shirt is not the answer I’m looking for. I need some new ideas too!!
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