Dear Men,
This is probably the time in your life where you might experience a world of confusion, frustration, a deep sense of loss, basically a world where Mars and Venus are colliding. Women today have access to more choice, more freedom, more options and more power than ever before however the reality is these superwomen are in crisis within their internal world feeling lonely, tired, drained, unloved, unworthy, resentful and just plain overwhelmed. Being one of many strong women who walk this planet earth, I find it’s my responsibility to open the door to the world of Venus and let you glimpse into what makes these strong women tick so you can be their KING!
You see, as women we were not born to behave all strong and tough, we had to learn to be that way to protect ourselves and our dearest around us. Each and every time we get hurt, we learn to put up a layer of protection, better know as a barrier or sheild, and suppress everything inside. We learn to be tough, strong, mean, “ball-busting”, manipulative towards men and others as our survival mechanism. Our layers of protection grow thicker and stronger until one day it becomes a part of our identity as a ‘Strong Woman’.
Being hurt by men gave us this sense of resentment towards the thing we craved the most which is ‘crazy stupid love!’ So we close off, became ‘ice-queens’ or ‘ball-busters’ and declare to the world “I don’t need a man”. We start telling ourselves how “men can’t be trusted” or “there are no good men out there” and trad love, passion, happiness and fulfillment for a sense of safety.
You see, if women are completely honest with ourselves, we’ll tell you that our world is not as it seems. We’ll tell you how tired and exhausted and how lonely and fearful we can be at times. We’ll tell you how much we want to be desired and needed. We’ll tell you how much we want be taken care of, we’ll tell you how much we want to experience love (not the surface kind of love but deep and passionate love). We’ll tell you that deep down we desire a man to come into our world and allow us to let go and just ‘BE’.
We desire a man that can allow us to run wild and free, to accept us for all that we are (all the beautiful and magnificent sides as well as the crazy, wild, untamed parts of ourselves). A man that teaches us how to surrender and trust, not only in him, but in ourselves. A man that can look at us in the eyes and is not afraid of our fierceness. A man that dares to break down all the walls, a man that sees the soft, feminine and kind woman through all the toughness. We truly desire a man that can rise to the challenge, dive deep in to his purpose, stand tall in his masculinity and yet at the same time not afraid to be vulnerable.
Yes, we are greedy and demanding…WE WANT IT ALL! We don’t want just any man we want a best friend, a teacher, a passionate lover, a king, and a GODDAMN WARRIOR!!
OK I’m telling you this not to overwhelm you but to give you an insight into a strong woman’s mind.
You probably thinking “Well this all sounds too hard, what’s in it for me?”
Well, let me tell you…THE WORLD.
Just like anything in life, the biggest sense of reward and satisfaction comes from hard work and dedication. When you love a strong woman, you’ll discover the kind of love that is like no other. When a strong woman loves, she LOVES fiercely. It is not the kind of surface bullshit love but the fierce love that gives life to your purpose, opens your heart, makes you feel weak in your knees and energises your soul. Deep beneath that tough exterior is a whole world of love, kindness, passion, empathy, fun, excitement and a free flowing energy waiting to just burst out.
This is a higher-level kind of relationship that is solidified by strong teamwork, a great level of trust and commitment, loyalty, openness, and a deep level of passion and intimacy. She will fight for you, stand by your side, be your strongest team of support, help and challenge you to become the best man you can be and build an empire with you. She will love you with deep devotion and with all her heart and soul.
The reality is, you can choose to settle for an OK relationship or you can dare to rise to the challenge and find your Queen.
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Jane Nguyen 
Author, Speaker, Transformational Dating & Relationship Coach,
NLP Practitioner and Level 2 Meta Dynamics Consultant
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