So you feel crap and you’re ready to quit! You feel alone and the goals you set seem to becoming less and less achievable. You’re tired both physically and emotionally and sometimes don’t want to get out of bed.  Your cash flow is really low and you probably should seriously consider ditching everything and getting a ‘real’ job. Hey, the failure rate is statistically high and nobody is going to blame you if you quit. Who really cares if you give up and quit now? YOU DO!
Being an entrepreneur, running your own business, choosing to follow your passion and forging your own path can be challenging! It’s not a journey for everyone and certainly not for the faint hearted.  Once more, it’s your goal, your dream and your job to make it happen. It’s ultimately up to you! This can be daunting and scary but, at the same time extremely rewarding and empowering. Here are a few tips that can help your journey be a little less bumpy.
If the goal you have set for yourself is big, it’s going to stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone. It may also require you to work harder then you’ve probably ever worked in your life. You will face challenges and uncertainty but don’t give up and quit all together. Being clear about your WHY is vital during these times as it will anchor you and be a beacon to remind you of the importance of achieving your goal. Clear out the noise and distractions and focus on what’s most important. Find a way to create balance in your life- eat well, exercise and get good quality sleep. Looking after your body and mind will help prevent you from spiraling downwards and feeling crap.
Really big powerful dreams can actually haunt us. Every time you turn around there it is following you around reminding you that you haven’t reached it yet. It will keep showing up in everything you do and the things that you don’t do. If it really matters, if it’s your calling, if it’s your life’s work, then it isn’t going to let you pull the covers over your head and not get out of bed. Lying around not working towards your dream will be more depressing then when you were working your arse off trying to make it come true. Take a break if you need to but then get back up again. The longer you sit there, the further behind schedule you’ll be and the more you’ll have to do to catch up.
It can be a juggle trying to balance your dreams with your ability to pay the bills and keep a roof over your head. Having business or personal financial problems is a difficult position to be in. Only you can determine what’s in your long-term best interest. If you give up on your dreams to take care of and support everyone else, you may feel like you’re doing the right thing in the moment, but was your life better off for it? If you disregard everything in order to stay focused on your dream, will it cost you important relationships or get you into bad debt?
It’s vital to manage both your business and personal finances. In your business collect your customer payments on time, calculate the return on investment (ROI) on everything you spend, keep your accounts up to date and price your goods/services to make a profit. Managing your cash flow is a key factor to success.
Keep an eye on your personal finances by cutting back on unnecessary expenses and keep within a budget. Know how much you need to bring in to pay your mortgage, rent, bills and general living costs. It may all seem boring and bland but will ultimately help keep you on track and prevent major stress and worry.
It’s easy to quit where so many others have already gone and failed before you. Not everyone is ideally designed to accomplish all goals and not everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur. Just like not everyone is meant to be a teacher and not everyone is meant to be a musician. The truth is, if you’ve picked a goal that is suited to your own natural talents and gifts and if it’s infused with your own passion and desire, then chances are that you are meant to live that dream. Many successful entrepreneurs have failed often, embraced their failures and reflected on what they have learnt. It’s ok to fail, not everything goes as planned and there are amazing lessons in our failures.  In the words of Elon Musk  ‘Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough’
You are either going to quit or you’re going to focus on your ‘why’, find inspiration and keep going. Although quitting is an option, deep down you already know if your ‘why’ is worth the journey. The rewards of overcoming obstacles and succeeding are phenomenally satisfying. You may discover strengths and gifts that you didn’t know you had. Somewhere you know if you’re meant to succeed or not. What if that’s somehow the divine cosmic plan all along? The universe has your back! Don’t quit just yet.
Marisa Punshon, also known Miss Moneypenny, is a Money Coach. She helps people to stop worrying about their finances and have a wealth strategy that will work. She does this by working with you to implement a Business Cash Formula resulting in more cash flow, more time and increased productivity. He goal is to ensure you have the tools, resources and strategies to be able to make money doing what you love.