It Doesn’t Take Two To Tango: Relationship Growth From Within

By Stacey Martino
Making a shift in how YOU show up to your relationship will impact how your partner behaves, too. 
Magnificent love affairs are not found; they are created. Do you want a magnificent love affair of your own? Stop searching and start building… it’s so worth it. Sounds great, but how do you actually go about building one? Why do some people have an unshakable love with their partner and an unleashed passion for each other, while others are unhappy, miserable or suffering? I’m going to let you in on the secret There is actually a step-by-step formula to creating a magnificent love affair. There are proven tools and strategies that really work to transform any relationship, regardless of the stage you’re currently in.
Maybe you are in love and just want to reignite the passion you once had — to bring the fun back into your relationship. Or maybe you and your partner are hanging on by a thread, or heading for divorce and you need a last-ditch effort to save your relationship. Perhaps you are in between relationships and you want to transform yourself into the best partner you can be, so you can attract and keep your forever love.
No matter what your situation, there’s no question about it: you must create your unshakable love and unleashed passion.
Now, maybe you are like a lot of people who come to me with a relationship challenge. Maybe you are feeling a little stuck, frustrated or even helpless because you feel like unless your partner changes, your relationship can’t change. And maybe your partner isn’t really into pursuing books, programs or coaching, so you feel helpless to change your relationship; you’ve been told it takes two to tango.
Good news: I’m here to tell you that it does not take two to tango. One person can absolutely transform their intimate relationship and you do not need your partner to participate in the process in order for it to work.  When you make a shift in how you show up in your relationship, on a consistent basis, your partner will shift too and your relationship will transform. Think about it — when you show up differently, act differently and react differently, by definition they will shift because the dynamic between the two of you has changed.
How do I know?
I know because I transformed my marriage with my husband Paul. Thirteen years ago, our relationship was hanging by a thread and we were both ready to walk away. Instead, I decided to do what it took to transform our relationship. At first Paul didn’t see how it would be any different, but in time my transformation impacted him and transformed our relationship. Then Paul and I jumped in and invested thirteen years and over six figures to transform ourselves and create the magnificent love affair that we enjoy today.
You have a choice. You can keep going down the path you’re on now, hoping things will get better; hoping a magnificent love affair will just interrupt your day and that your partner will spontaneously transform. But that mentality leads to a lot of pain and hurt. All too often I see good people, just like you, who are hurting. They are “doing” and they are “trying” but what they are doing isn’t working.
There is an easier, simpler, more enjoyable way that will prove to be a success. The proven step-by-step formula and tools really work so you can create the relationship you want today. People all over the world are using this system to create their unshakable love and unleashed passion. And you can do it too! In fact, in Video #1, I’m giving you our entire Eight Step Relationship Transformation System™. Yes, the whole thing!
So go ahead and get started!
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