You’re pregnant, and your partner is giving you the nudge for some action.
It’s not uncommon that sex is going to be furthest thing from your mind as your body is changing in its shape; size and hormones are going through the seesaw of emotions.
But then for others, you just have those niggling fears and questions about whether it’s safe or not or when am I going to be ready again?
So here are some hints and tips:
Is it safe for me, and the baby, to have sex during pregnancy?
I have heard of many men that think their penis will poke out the baby’s eye! Well for those wondering, that’s physically impossible. The baby is protected in the uterus. In 99% of cases sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe for both mum and the baby. There are some exceptions that your obgyn will tell you about. These would include those with a weak cervix, unexplained bleeding or people that suffer from placenta previa. Talk to your doctor if concerned.
When am I going to be ready?
It’s not true that just because your pregnant your libido will tank. For some it’s completely the opposite. Your new curves can make you feel irresistibly sexy and many couples have an active sex life for the entire 9 months!
But here is more of a common reaction of what’s happening to you…
1st trimester– fatigue, nausea, hormones on fire and body changes can be a put off. But for others it doesn’t stop that urge to be close to their partner – so it’s really up to you.
2nd & 3rd trimester  (also called the ‘Honeymoon Period of Pregnancy’)– hormones start to level out and at this time there is an increase in blood flow to your intimate areas and your libido tends to rear its head again and orgasms have been recorded to be more intense and pleasurable! So get your groove on even with a baby on board.
Is it safe to use massagers during pregnancy?
At all stages of pregnancy, vibrators – both internal and external – are safe to use. However, during this time please take note that body-safety is really important. So take note of the quality of the product you are using and its hygiene.
Do I need to consider new positions?
Lessening pressure on your mid-section is recommended. Also you may need to minimize contact with sensitive nipples as your pregnancy advances.
1st & 2nd trimester positions– try the…
Lie on your back horizontally on the edge of the bed.
He stands the whole time
Downward facing doggy-style
Think of the yoga position with a similar name but with your knees and ankles horizontal on the mattress allowing your belly to rest on your thighs
3rd trimester positionsavoid lying on your back and the traditional missionary style. Lying flat on your back is not recommended as the weight of your uterus can cause a drop in your blood pressure. So try…
Where he enters you from behind while you both lie on your sides
Side T-square
Lie on your side on the edge of the bed for a non-strenuous lovemaking session.
He stands the whole time
* It’s vital now more then ever to communicate more asking ‘how does it feel?
Bottom line is you’re the one calling the shots.
When your ready, you’re ready and you will know it.
Love & Indulgence Tip of the day is kegels!
This is our recommendation during pregnancy both pre & post and endorsed by our lovely Oprah!
Have you heard of Luna Beads?
These are vibrating balls that exercise your pelvic floor muscles otherwise also known as Kegels.
Strong and healthy kegels will help you prepare for pregnancy and childbirth let alone help you get back to your pre-baby vaginal shape. 1 in 3 women suffer from pelvic floor disorders so if you don’t want to be in one of those ads on incontinence where a women sneezes, coughs or exercises and has the response of an embarrassing little puddle, then concentrate on your kegels from the get go!
The silent benefit however of strong kegels is more intense orgasms. Yes please!