Masculine vs. Feminine Energy

Did you know that in order to create attraction and passion in your relationship, you need to create a resourceful polarity of the Masculine & Feminine energy? And did you know most challenges in your relationship arise because people are not aware of these energies and what to do about them? Did you know that each and everyone of us have these 2 energy forces within?
The problem is most men dont know how to step in their purpose and power whilst women dont embrace their core, natural energy force. The reversal of the energies are what causing lots of frustration in a relationship. Most couples are unfulfilled in their relationship because they are not living resourceful in these energies

Today I want to share with you what it means to be resourceful in each of the energy.
Masculine & Feminine energies are like the Ying and the Yang in our universe. One can not sustain without another.
Masculine Energy
Resourceful: Confidence, certainty in self, focus, know your passion and mission, content, inner strength, resourcefulness, decisiveness, assertive, courageous, responsibility, honesty, integrity, goal directed, objective, rational, determined etc.
Example: James Bond, Superman, Tony Robbins etc.
Un-resourceful: Aggressive, consistently angry, intimidated, bragging, controlling, arrogant, bullying, ‘in the face’, yelling
Feminine Energy
Resourceful: Confidence, certainty in self, nurturing, giving, loving, kindness, empathy, compassion, zest for life, happy, enthusiasm, creative, appreciating, freedom, flowing, charm, calmness etc.
Example: Mother Teresa
Un-resourceful: looking for validation from others, people
pleasers, pushovers, blaming, victim, fearful, guilt,
low confidence, overly emotional etc.
The challenge for you moving forward is how to maintain these 2 energy forces in the most resourceful way possible
Jane  Nguyen x
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