Soon after pregnancy and childbirth, sex may be the furthest thing from your mind; whether or not you come out of the delivery room with an immediate urge to get back to lovemaking, here are some things to consider when it comes to sex after having a baby.
When can I start having sex after pregnancy?

No matter which method you choose to deliver your baby, your body needs time to heal – many caregivers suggest waiting four to six weeks before having sex after pregnancy, while some women feel ready after as little as two weeks. As for when you should resume lovemaking after having given birth, this is up to you and you alone.

Is it going to hurt?
Having sex after giving birth may hurt, but there are ways of avoiding discomfort.
Changes in your hormones from childbirth, especially if you choose to breastfeed, can leave your vagina feeling dry and sore. If this is the case, then start out by taking it slow and making the most of foreplay; think massage, some passionate kissing, maybe an external vibrator – you get the idea. And when it comes time for actual lovemaking, make use of some high-quality lube and experiment with different positions that offer the most comfort.
Will my body change after giving birth?
The physical strain of childbirth will cause a reduction in muscle tone and tightness in your vagina; however, this is only temporary, and if you properly prepared your Kegels prior to pregnancy, you’ll have little to worry about. The slackness in these muscles after childbirth can reduce the amount of inter-vaginal friction you would normally have, thereby reducing the pleasurable sensation of lovemaking.
Toning your pelvic floor muscles prior to pregnancy and childbirth will result in a faster recovery from labor’s physiological effects. To get back to your pre-birth pelvic fitness, try exercising your Kegels by flexing the same muscle you would use to stop your flow of urine. Flex this muscle for five seconds, then release and relax it for five seconds. Build your muscle strength with a few repetitions at different intervals of the day before graduating to Kegel exercisers like Luna Beads, which you can use to maintain this important muscle set through motherhood and beyond.
Anything else I should know?
We can’t stress enough (but we will stress it one more time) that everything you choose to do following childbirth – making love, getting back in pre-baby shape, etcetera, etcetera – is all up to you. When you’re ready, you are ready, and nobody knows this better than yourself!
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