Start Dating Now In Your Relationship

By Jane Nguyen, IntimacyTV

Today I want to share with you some thoughts on DATING…
In my experience, people don’t take their FUN seriously enough! 
I get it – you have TONS of responsibilities, you are juggling tons of balls in the air and you’ve got serious shit to get done!  I get it!!!
But the sad truth is that we have a passion-less relationship epidemic going on right now! Good, nice, caring couples living together as parents, friends, maybe even roommates, but the passion has fizzled or is gone completely!
This epidemic is a silent killer of relationships and people don’t see it coming!
Let me give you a heads up….
The difference between a “passion-less” relationship and a “hanging by a thread” relationship is TIME!
When you lose the passion in your relationship, and you are NOT having intimacy with the only person on the planet you are supposed to be able to have sex with, you can’t even stay best friends with that person. Over time, the lack of passion creates resentment, rejection, pain and a big wound in one or both partners. And you slip from being passion-less/great parents together, to living parallel lives & going through the motions and trying not to bump into each other, to wondering why you are even together anymore because it hurts so much to think about the relationship you DON’T have!
That’s why I say that the difference between a “passion-less” relationship and a “hanging by a thread” relationship is … TIME!
What to do?
I’ve got a lot of friends and clients who are parents of young kids, busy with businesses or their career….because of that, DATING seems to be the first thing to fly out the window in their relationship!
Today I want to share with you some quick tips around dating that you can take actions straight away…
First, there’s a big difference between dating and going out! You can LEAVE the house with your partner and go out, and not be on a DATE! There’s a different energy to DATING….it’s NOT just leaving the house.
I was telling one of our clients the other day, you do not go out on a date in the same clothes that you would wear to take your kids to their soccer game or to the grocery store.
Think back to how you dressed when you were first dating…..and then dress better than that 😉
The energy on a date is playful, fun, flirty and electric! Get yourself into state before your date! Put on some fun music while getting ready, and get back to that fun, flirty and playful YOU!
Here’s the Diamond Rule of Dating: No Kids, No Biz, No House! You cannot talk about the kids, the business or the house on your date!
Yes, No Kids, No Biz, No House!!!
So what do you talk about? REAL STUFF.. stuff that matters and inspires you both. As human beings, we are constantly changing (whether we like it or not)…hence, this is the perfect time to get to know your loved one. The common mistake that most couples make is to assume that they already know everything about there partner, hence there’s no need to spend time getting to know each other anymore
Well let me ask you a question: If you were to think about the person that you were 5 years ago, how much have you changed – physically, emotionally, intellectually? You are a complete different person from 5 years ago, so is your partner. This is why it’s important to spend time in conversations that are real and meaningful so that you can get to know each other better…
Your assignment….plan a date for you and your partner right now! Schedule it, plan it, make the reservations, get the sitter, tell them to block their calendar and make it happen! Start taking your FUN way more seriously!!!!
Jane xx
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