Moving on from someone you have had an obvious connection with is really hard to do; especially if this is a soul mate with whom you have been with over many incarnations. Long after that person has left your life, you can still be energetically connected to them by what is known as Etheric Chakra Cords.
Some clear indications this person is still attached too you is:

  • You feel the energetic presence of this person and you cannot get them out of your mind.
  • You constantly think about them yet you may be in another relationship or they are! In some cases they are even married with a family.
  • There is this energetic pull to be with them yet you don’t understand fully why.
  • You may for example pick up on their thoughts & feelings; you may smell the scent of their cologne, have sexual energy projected onto you out of nowhere, sense this total emerging of both your bodies and hearts & you can even hear them talking to you in your mind!
  • They are communicating loving thoughts telepathically; how much they miss you, and wish you were together.
  • You may even feel them if your with your current partner, trying to come in between you, even though they ended the relationship.

Welcome to the ability to communicate with somebody via telepathic love!
As we are multidimensional beings, we are able to powerfully connect with each other via an energy portal from their souls, hearts and minds! This is likened to an answering of their “Telepathic Frequency Phone Call” yet in most cases the other person is unaware of this exchange, as it is happening in the etheric! This is a way for the two of you to stay connected, even if one or both of you are currently in sacred contracts with another.
Yet there is still a yearning, usually on a soul level to be able to connect into the others energy field! This may be occurring as your own Spiritual Contracts (with your current partner) are yet to be completed and it’s a way to stay in touch or one of you is desperately unhappy and you are “feeding” off each other’s loving vibration! If the two of you are Soul Mates and it wasn’t the divine time to be together, or the love you shared was so overwhelming & powerful; you are still fully attached, unable to let go and this is where the Telepathic Union will take place.
The cons with this exchange can be that it’s very addictive as your feeding off each other’s energy, especially sexually & if your or their partners are not meeting their needs, you are allowing yourself to be manipulated energetically, so ideally they are living the best of both worlds!
The reason it’s hard to break free is their is no ego, you feel this sense of pure love as its literally from their soul! Yet it allows them to know your always there for them no matter what, and especially if you do not communicate at all in the physical ie. No texting/phone calls, then you in fact being spiritually manipulated.
If this telepathic exchange has been going on for a while, and it’s preventing you from connecting into your current partner or holding you back from meeting someone new, then it’s time to create some boundaries.
It’s time to close this ‘love portal ‘ and create some ‘tough love’! At first this person will go into panic and feel abandoned, yet if they really want you in their lives, then they need to show you in the physicality!!
How to you do this ?
Step 1: Firstly talk to this part of them and ask their higher self, soul and heart to completely leave and step back! This may feel like you’re heart has been ripped apart but it’s crucial for you to be discerning.
Step 2: Visualize doors around you where they are able to enter being closed, and even lock these energetic doors. Ask Archangel Michael to clear all hooks and energetic cords attached to them and be released. Instantly you will feel yourself being free and able to think clearly. Surround yourself in a bubble of diamond light to help seal your aura so they are unable to knock on the door when they want!
Step 3: Fully discipline your mind and try not to think about them too much, as this allows new cords to become attached and you will need to start the process all over. Remember they are powerful and no how to get too you, by sending you their love and you automatically open up to them.
Step 4: Remind yourself that as long as you communicate on this level, (and also the wisdom that they are doing this subconsciously and may not even be aware of this), that it’s not allowing you to be emotionally fulfilled in a relationship in the now. We only have the present moment, and by saying ‘no’ to them it’s creating a future event, if it’s for your highest good to come together again!
Set yourself free and allow the universe to bring them back, if not then someone even greater will now be able to find the portal to your heart!


Daniela Birch
International Psychic Medium and Soul Mate Specialist

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