How to Sail Through Menopause Without HRT in 4 Simple Steps

As an Oncology Nurse, I find the area of Menopause one of the all time toughest areas to navigate when making a decision on how to relieve symptoms.


I have talked to experts and dove deep with the latest research to produce the 4 simple steps to help you survive the change.


I work with Specialists, have sought out their advice and have heard many and varied opinions on how to approach menopause.


Some women sail through the menopause, but for others ‘the change’ can be extremely tough, physically and emotionally. That’s because the drop in oestrogen not only causes classic menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, but it can also increase the risk of serious longer-term health problems such as osteoporosis.


The hormone Oestrogen has a protective effect on the bones, and with declining levels that protection is removed. Oestrogen also protects the heart.


But before we go on, let me tell you a bit more about my Menopause story.
My personal story began the day I made the decision not to go on HRT.
I didn’t want to increase my risk of Breast Cancer, so I went further afield and found bio-identical hormones(natural therapies), or are they?


The compounding pharmacies all claim the safety of such drugs, but I was a bit concerned when my G.P wanted to prescribe a low dose of oestrogen given the risk factors with my family history.
I spoke to 3 different G.P’s on the topic, and each one said there really was very little research


in the area of Bio-identical hormones, while others proclaim it to be safe as houses.
This really didn’t help with my solution to the dreaded night sweats, mood swings and general aches and pains.


According to our Medical Oncologists, the latest research does indicate it is ok to take HRT, but no longer than 5 years, that is, if you don’t have a History of Breast cancer,or risk of heart disease or DVT.


I soon learnt there were many others like me that wanted to look for a more natural approach to symptom relief. Not everyone is keen to take HRT or other medications to get relief from the dreaded menopause symptoms. It really is possible to alter some lifestyle changes that reduce hot flushes and other symptoms without a prescription… Not only that, it can improve your overall health.


I have made these changes easy to incorporate anywhere and anytime with no major impact on your day to day living. Simple lifestyle changes not only reduces the severity of symptoms— but we can get an early start on protecting ourselves against bone and joint problems, heart disease and breast cancer to mitigate future risk.’


A natural menopause is an ideal to aim for and this of course is aided by natural foods – as nature intended- and not interfered with by human beings who refine and process the goodness from our foods.