“Yoga has been a massive part of my life for the past 15 years, 10 of those years I have been the teacher. I came to the practice of yoga burnt out and hating my physical body it was through the practice of yoga that I began to both appreciate my physical body and relax and anxious mind.”
In my time as a teacher I have seen may fads come and go, the one thing that has endure over those years is positive affect that yoga has on many modern day ailments. I am also in constant daily practice of gratitude for the amazing women that I have connected with my yoga path. It is said that yoga is the practise of ”the journey back to one self”, though the practice of yoga you will find understanding you never knew possible. Yoga has evolved from what Pantanjali first brought us via Yoga Sutras but, the teachings are still the same. Everybody can do yoga and there is a style to suit everybody, no master what your fitness level is or where you are in life. Yoga is made up of three elements, relaxation/meditation posture work breathing. Each different element offers something unique to the individual.
Relaxation and meditation:
The practice of relaxation and meditation offers the opportunity to rest and relax both the physical body and an active mind. Whether you are in the guidance situation or left to your own practices, the affect to will be the same. A resent neurological studies have shown the that 20 minutes of meditation a day can severely reduce any damage to the stress receptors in the brain even reducing and eliminating any damaged telomeres.
If you are new to the practice of meditation and relaxation start with just five minutes of conscious breathing in the morning and then again at the end of the day will help build an ongoing practices, just bringing your awareness to the breath and focusing on deep breathing is enough to create a change in your body.
The importance of meditation and relaxation is to help focus the mind, to bring it to a place of calm and quiet, this is easier said than done in a modern world, with the constant bombardment of information, news and events can take its toll emotionally and psychologically, the more you begin to work with a simple medication practice the easier it will be to do longer periods of medication, its important to remember that your mind will constantly be assessing your medication practice, again allow those thoughts to simply pass away placing no emotional reaction on those thoughts. Over time you will be able practice more advance techniques, but first allow yourself to be ”in the movement” and just connecting to the breathe.
Posture work (Asana work):
It has long been believed that Asana work is done to prepare the body for meditation. Depending on your level of fitness and flexibility you will develop a consistent practice where you will be able to practice specific posture for specific needs. It can be very difficult and intimidating to begin the practice of the yoga with the overwhelming images of what I like to prefer to as “yoga girl”.
This ridiculous idea that one must have a particular body shape in order to practice yoga is a limiting belief I see coming into the yoga studio these days. I truly believe that the effects of physically yoga will not be felt in the present moment but will be felt in later years. I am reminded of this every single day my yoga teacher is a mature age age women in her 60’s.
A women who has not had any of the so-called “normal” physical ailments people associate with ageing. So when it comes to the physical practice of the yoga, stop with any limiting beliefs about your body, weight loss or your body shaped and remember that what you sow today you will reap tomorrow.Yes I am incredibly based as to the amazing affects Yoga has both on the body and mind.
Yoga is something that can be practised in private or a group class, making it affordable and achievable for everyone to do.
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Dominique_musico-png Dominique Musico is a self-confessed wellbeing worshipper! She is a qualified yoga teacher and a “live and love” of all things clean and green.
A series of health catastrophes (her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and then she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome less than three years ago) forced Dominique to take drastic action to heal both her body and spirit.
Dominique instinctively knew the answer to health issue where lifestyle and diet related so, she began aa journey to wellness that has been at times uplifting, comical and incredibly inspiring.
After completing her masters of communication earlier in 2014 Dominique turns her passion for well-being into small business by helping the wellness community bring there message to those who need it most.
You can find her blogs at the Wellbeing Trail and follow her on Instagram via the wellbeing.
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