Passion and desire in the bed
How important is a sexual partner’s smell to you?  Have you ever dumped someone because of they’re scent?
And would you go to a pheromone party?
I love this topic. My girlfriend and I were chatting about how I refused to go out on another date with a nice, attractive guy. Yes, attractive! But what it was, was his pheromones were turning me right off. The thought of him touching me turned me off. I thought I must be losing my marbles!
Then with another guy, I stopped enjoying giving him pleasure, yes what your thinking, cause he started to smell different down there which was due to his changing diet. If you didn’t know it, what you eat and drink affects how you smell. People with high fatty diets tend to not only have a strong odour but also taste. Obviously drinking alcohol and smoking can also affect this same factor  
When it comes to sexual attraction, how important is your lover’s smell? No, we’re not talking about his cologne, but his natural smell!
When you wake up next to him, is the first thing you do nuzzle into his chest to breath him in, letting his scent intoxicate you and make you aroused?
Or does his smell turn you off, and you may have even dumped a few prospective lovers on the way because you found their scent pungent, or even repulsive?
Using scent when picking a partner is common in the animal kingdom, and it’s part of our evolutionary drive too! According to research, the scent of a lover is more important to women than to men because it helps us sniff out genetic compatibility with a potential mate.
Our sense of smell can detect men with different immune systems to ours, to complement ours, to make sure we produce the healthiest offspring.
Not so coincidentally, women’s sense of smell is the most sensitive when she’s ovulating and is most likely to be pregnant. However, being on the contraceptive pill can throw us off our scents a bit, and it’s been reported that our attraction levels to a lover can drop when we come off the pill.
The importance of smell in picking a sexual partner has even sparked a range of pheromone parties for singles in the States! Participants bring t-shirts that they’ve slept in for three nights in a row, and at the party, they try to find a potential mate through sniffing anonymous pieces of clothing. If a person finds the smell agreeable, they are introduced to the owner — and hopefully, it will be instant sexcess!
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