Without indulging sexual activity it is common to gain weight

By Melina Macdonald, Intimacytv

It has been proven* that with sexual activity through masturbation and intimacy with others; several everyday vital hormones are being released into the body.
Intimacy expert Melina Macdonald states that “people who are not masturbating or regularly become intimate with a mate or partner are unconsciously looking to food to get their dose of feel good chemicals”.
“Basically if you aren’t engaging yourself sexually in some way or another; you will work out other ways to generate those pleasure inducing chemicals that become most readily available during sex, intimacy and even orgasms!” said Ms Macdonald.
“Typically this comes in the form of indulging in fast food, snacks and junk food as they are made readily available and can be consumed during any time of the day. This makes them the most effective way to subconsciously introduce the same type of gratification as one would achieve during sex and ultimately leads to individuals to gaining weight”.
“These foods are created with the perfect balance of salt, sugar and fat to maintain their ‘Bliss Point’, meaning it gives you an elevated mood and makes you feel satisfied”.
“Research suggests that gorging on fats and sugars causes the brain to naturally adapt this as part of the normal diet leading to addictive connections on par with addictive substances. Such that withdrawal symptoms have been found in individuals that changed from their high fat, high sugar diets.”
“The human brain actively seeks to be satisfied as much as possible. This craving for instant gratification can lead to bad habits being formed and rationalised within individuals”.
“This is where the term ‘comfort food’ comes into play”.
Ms Macdonald explains how intimacy gives you the following sensations and chemical releases:

  • Flirting: Releases Testosterone and Oestrogen fuelling your sex drive, repair/renewing cells in your body and assists with ageing.
  • Being attracted to someone: Increases your Adrenaline making you feel buzzed and exhilarated.
  • Desiring someone: Actively releases Dopamine, providing an overwhelming feeling of bliss and intense rush of pleasure.
  • Touch: People who cuddle for min. 20 seconds deal with stress better and have lower blood pressure. This Oxytocin chemical when released during orgasm also deepens a couples bond.
  • Falling in love: The release of Serotonin has anti-depressant qualities and is one of the most important hormones involved in experiencing deep, emotional satisfaction and pleasure.
  • Intimacy: Vasopressin is released after sex and helps create long-term commitment. Also nicknamed the ‘protection drug’.
  • Orgasms: Not only good for your immune system, is assists with anti ageing, pain relief and stress with to the release of Endorphins.

Ms Macdonald suggests that if individuals made themselves more available to experiencing sexual pleasure, they would feel less inclined to replace those same missing hormones with food, in turn keeping them from gaining weight.
Health practitioner Dr Joe Kuriel from Acacia Health has been using Ms Macdonald’s techniques and information with her clientele.
“My clients have found that improving their personal relationships has indirectly improved their health and mental well being”.
Ms Macdonald is determined to educate on the link between abstinence from sexual activity and comfort eating and to assist those to educate themselves on how to increase their chemical intake through healthy eating instead. Ms Macdonald offers workshops and has a YouTube channel covering a range of topics to do with love, sex, intimacy and communication between partners.
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