How many times have you kept things that your kids or partner gave you thinking that it was the right thing to do even though you knew you’d never look at it again? Have you ever wondered why you keep these things, what the purpose is and will they ever add value to your life? Well here is the permission some of you have been waiting for – here are 10 things that you can get rid of today, with no Mummy guilt!!
1.Your Child’s First Haircut

  • As parents we tend to celebrate all the ‘firsts’ for our children. First smile, first time rolling over, first steps and even things like first haircuts. So if you’re one of the mums who has kept a sample of your child’s first haircut this is your permission to throw it out. Unless you’re super organised and have already stuck it in a baby journal; you can just chuck it in the bin.

2.Your Child’s Teeth

  • As a Professional Organiser I’m not surprised by anything I find in someone’s home. There are some things that just shouldn’t be kept though… and fallen out teeth are top of the list! If you started by saving the first lost tooth then ended up keeping them all, throw the lot in the bin – it’s kinda gross and will add no value to the quality of your life or the life of your child… but that’s just my opinion!


3.Letters and Cards From Your Ex

  • They would have been lovely and romantic at the time. But keeping love letters and cards from an ex sets you up for some very confusing feelings. Once you break up, you need closure and keeping letters & cards stops you from moving on. So grab the lot of them and drop them in the recycling bin.


4.Your Wedding Dress

  • The most expensive dress you’ve ever bought – and the most beautiful! What do you do with it after your big day? Well a few suggestions – donate it to an op-shop; do some fun photoshoots while trashing it, but don’t keep it just because you ‘should’. It’s time to make some room in your wardrobe!

5.Gifts You Hate

  • Everyone gets gifts from time to time that they don’t like. Trinkets from family members, travel or birthday presents that are way off the mark.  Allow this to be permission to throw them out – don’t feel like you have to keep things that aren’t your style or you don’t like.

6.Lingerie That Doesn’t Fit

  • You’d be surprised how many clients I see have a drawer of beautiful lingerie that they no longer wear because it doesn’t fit anymore. They feel like they spent a lot of money on buying it and feel guilty about their weight changing and it not fitting anymore. Embrace your new body and get rid of expensive lingerie you no longer wear (even better, buy some that you feel beautiful in again!)

7. Your Kids’ Artwork

  • Don’t keep it all!! There’s not enough room in any house for a mum to keep every piece of schoolwork your child brings home. Pick a storage container for each child (under bed storage containers are a good size) and keep only what fits in the container. Any particularly amazing artwork; frame it and enjoy it displayed on your wall 🙂

The freedom that comes from decluttering is amazing – if you want a more simple life follow the path of only keeping items in your home that you love or you need. Guilt influences us to keep so many things that we know we don’t need, so today stand up to the bully of Mummy guilt and tell her to back down! You’re an amazing mum regardless of whether you kept the hair of your first child, but not your second; scrapbooked your way through pregnancy number one and vomited your way through pregnancy number two… life is for living so get rid of the excess so you can focus on the now and enjoy living.
Enjoy the Freedom!
Amy x
Amy Revell
Declutter Queen Profesional Organiser
Amy Revell is born and bred in Melbourne, Australia. Growing up as the eldest of 5 girls Amy became a natural leader in all spheres of life. Engaging in volunteer work from the age of 7 and starting her first business at the age of 8, Amy has a strong social conscience and desire to help people be the best they can be. Amy has always been a super organised person, and this natural gift has developed into a successful, engaging and fun business helping women better organise their homes and lives. From the most organised bedroom as a child to being the first point of call when friends need home advice she enjoys walking into cluttered homes and finding order and peace amidst the chaos. Clients often remark that her non-judgemental and sensitive approach means that instead of being embarrassed of their homes, they feel supported and inspired to make positive changes. One client said “it’s like having your sister around to help you get organised”. Professional organising is a passion for Amy and she’s constantly reminded of the environmental, psychological and financial benefits to living an organised life. Amy has a natural ability to walk into chaos and disorder and see the best way forward to achieving peace, calm and order. Labelled ‘The Declutter Queen’ Amy helps her clients and followers achieve homes that are enjoyable to live in and manageable to maintain. Amy is a wife and mum of two active boys who enjoy socialising with friends, playing board games, going on holidays and being involved in their local church.
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