Food allergies now effect 1 in 10 children. 

In a strange twist of fate, all three of our children were diagnosed with anaphylaxis, to different foods and in varying degrees of severity. Once we got a handle on our children’s allergies, we found a rhythm to life. We shopped using the knowledge gained from the medical assistance we had received. However we still had no solution to their concerning skin conditions including rashes, swelling, eczema, dermatitis, etc. The specialists advised us to give the kids bleach baths to help with skin infections. My heart broke with the screaming and crying as this caused stinging and a burning sensation on their skin. With my chemistry background, I knew deep down this was harmful to these kids, whilst the toxicity was absorbed into their little bodies and their immune systems were always low.
Sharing our concerns with friends, they introduced us to Modere. This turned our children’s lives around. By introducing some of the core products into our daily routine such as Minerals, Multi Vitamins, Probiotics, Green Qi, altering their toothpaste and changing their bath wash, we saw their skin clear up in next to no time. In under 2 months their skin had gone from being red and painfully scarred to smooth and pain free. Toxic free and chemical free products was the key.
With healthy kids we thought we were home free, however, the near death experience involving our two youngest children at Easter 2013, led to sleepless nights, and drove me to look for ways to increase allergy awareness. A simple mistake such as a leading supermarket incorrectly labelling their hot cross buns, lead to two of my children having an immediate anaphylactic reaction. Fortunately I knew what to do, having experienced this numerous times before. Hence it is extremely important to check all ingredient labels every time as companies change their ingredients. But it got me thinking, what would others do?
I wanted to educate my children, and others, about not only food allergies, but all types of allergies, anaphylaxis and other medical conditions.
Parties and social outings are extremely frightening. My son once went into anaphylactic shock just by walking into a room. After a trip in the ambulance to hospital it was revealed he is anaphylactic to airborne peanut protein.
I felt like the kids were missing out on being normal kids, they couldn’t eat most party food. We weren’t invited out and were excluded from parties. All food is checked before they go anywhere near it and they stay clear of others consuming foods they are allergic to. It is important to wash their hands and for their friends to wash their hands to prevent cross contamination of food on their skin or their toys.
I needed a simple, effective way to get through to others, unaware of the risks and life threatening dangers of allergies. Along came the concept that we have made a reality. Comfortable, funky, practical wristbands, designed for allergy sufferers.  I also wrote an Allergy friendly cookbook. I was sharing my recipes with my friends and thought why not share them with the world. It contains meals that are allergy friendly, easy and quick to cook, with ingredients from your pantry.  My aim in writing the book was to help others, little did I know that it would be approved by, selling in the Royal Children’s Hospital Bookshop in Melbourne.
I’m happy to report that whilst were still vigilant, my kids now live normal lives thanks to the awareness I have helped to create. Parties are not so much of a problem and we get to go to people’s places a lot more.
I’m just a mum doing what mums do for their kids, just with the added sense of happiness that I’m helping others in the process.
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Food Allergy Week raising awareness of food allergies runs from 14- 20th May 2017
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Esta De Araugo
Director of Alertband
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