What are you passionate about?
Life, learning and love. I also love nature and my children beyond compare.
A typical day:
begins with half hour meditation in front of my shrine, complete with candles, incense and mat. I will then journal for half hour, share my insights with my tribe on facebook and then take my two dogs for an hour-long nature walk where I feed turtles, ducks and eels. When I get back, I enjoy brekki with my children, pack lunches and then set off for a day delivering executive coaching sessions or neuroscience-based resilience workshops within corporations.
The most significant influence in my working career was/is:
Cancer! It was the pivot point in my life and career which enabled me to finally find my own truths and my own voice. It catapulted me from Melbourne to Brisbane, accepting a promotion with BHP in the middle of treatment and fully trusting in my own path. Another significant influencer was Dr David Rock who introduced me to the world of Neuroleadership.
I’m most proud of the life I lead today, what I’ve learned and how I’m dedicating my life to greater service to the betterment of humanity. I will deliver on my life’s promise!
One of the most memorable moments
was when I flat-lined after having a second surgery from my first dance with cancer. I actually got to experience ‘life beyond this life’ – it was surreal and truly beautifully serene. An aspect of my consciousness floated up above the ceiling looking down at my physical body in the hospital bed. I felt so peaceful and learned that suffering doesn’t happen when we die – it happens while we are alive AND we create it all!
Whats the biggest lesson you learned:
it would have to be that it’s not what happens to us that defines us, it’s how we respond that counts. Even when life feels crap and it feels like we can’t escape, we ALWAYS have choice. We get to decide how things or other people affect us. We must take responsibility not just for our happiness, but for our unhappiness too.
Whats the biggest challenge you face:
right now I’m wondering how best to shape my business so as to make a bigger impact and positive difference in the world. I’m thinking BIG and I need help to bring it to reality.
3 best tips: You can’t always control what happens to you, but you get to decide how you respond to it.

  1. You always have choice.
  2. YES you CAN,
  3. if you WANT to.

What is your biggest dream:
to touch very heart on this planet so that they know what it feels like to be loved, accepted, belong and they matter.
What I like best about my job:
I get to support others to think better and live better lives. I love it!
If you weren’t doing this job what would you do instead: Hmmm that’s a tough question as I absolutely love what I do. I would probably write a lot more and produce life-changing books to inspire people to live full, abundant, happy and healthier lives.
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Josie Thomson Josie Thomson is an executive coach, international speaker, trainer and seminar leader.  An expert in her field, Josie is one of the few internationally certified master coaches in Australia (MCC). She has been awarded Coach of the Year for three consecutive years, was a Telstra Business Woman of the Year State Finalist and Gold Stevie Awards Recipient for Maverick of the Year 2014 and 2015 (Difference Maker). https://josiethomson.com/
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