Hi everyone. I’m thinking about how I’m going to write this. Herein lies my first lesson passed on from my experience. STOP THINKING. Thinking is suffering. The deeper you think, the deeper you will suffer. The head doesn’t have the answers. It never has had them. The problem we as people are facing is we are not letting go of our thoughts and they therefore are controlling us and making us silently suffer, OR CREATING MORE MENTAL PROBLEMS. The MIND is EGO and PRIDE and the choice to not let go of it. It comes down to you, when you make the choice to step off the cliff and start being more REAL and AUTHENTIC. I know it sounds harsh because we are doing the best we can but we are also making conscious choices to follow a certain way. Feelings are the only real thing that matters. HEART is FEELING. You get on path when you start to feel. If you FEEL through life you can’t go wrong. You have to learn to process the emotion in the body though with awareness. The feelings are why we are here in a physical body. We are here to have a conscious experience feeling everything and yet we do whatever we can to avoid feeling and processing them healthily in body. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE CRAVINGS AND ADDICTIONS WE ARE TRYING TO AVOID OURSELVES AND FIND A QUICK FIX OF OUR DISCOMFORT!!
The processing of emotion is equally as important. If we go back to the mind in a situation and how it likes to deal with emotions it’ll handle it in 3 ways. It finds ways of avoiding feeling because it’s trying to protect us how it knows how. It in actual fact though it’s SABOTAGING US!! Through this conscious choice process using these means.
SUPPRESS (we stop ourselves from physically feeling something in the moment and pushing the emotional energy down so we don’t
Have to deal with.
EXPRESS (reacting in the moment to emotional energy that presents itself in the form of a trigger or wound of unhealed past trauma not healed.  We think it’s the situation we are dealing with but its always something deeper and because there is no awareness or understanding it takes us by surprise and we have a charge and express our emotion pretty quickly out to our reality like it’s separate from us.
REPRESS (this we don’t have a choice in. It’s the logging in the subconscious memory of when we weren’t fully conscious in the womb up until a young child where we are taking in the beliefs of parents and influences around us and we don’t know about memory generally until we become young people aware of being more alive and developing our personalities Our subconscious mind beliefs start to create our reality. The trauma we experience is protected from us from not having memory in the early times of our lives. The subconscious mind has more influence and power and hence why it does the creating over our conscious mind.
This is why we feel a victim and life seems too hard. We can’t understand our reality and how hard done by we are or unlucky by the situations we are creating from our subconscious beliefs. There is no awareness or understanding of why we create what we do. Its not until we are on our knees basically and had enough suffering and we tell ourselves enough is enough and go on the path of healing our past and dealing with our emotions consciously with self awareness.
The minute you stop yourself expressing, repressing and suppressing emotion unaware and the minute you’re triggered into an emotion of trauma or an issue of the past and you make THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO ACCEPT AND FULLY FEEL YOUR EMOTION AND NOT RUN FROM YOUR FEELINGS ANYMORE AND SEE WHERE THE FEELING IN YOUR BODY IS LOCATED SO YOU CAN SURRENDER AND LET THE EMOTIONAL ENERGY DO WHATEVER IT HAS TO IN THE BODY YOU ARE ENTERING A NEW PHASE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. This is going outside the old cycle of reacting, blaming and outsourcing your emotions like its separate from you. You are starting to accept the real authentic you so you can stop the resistance process because what we resist persists. This is why surrender is so important it stops you resisting your emotion. It doesn’t hold you down any longer and you feel a higher energy in your being or more happy or joyful experience after the release.
If I was to say briefly what I suggest once you locate the trigger of the energy in your body to go into to release, intuit the first color and texture that springs to mind. Visualise as vivid as you can and give it permission as you go to courage to expand, intensify and do whatever that emotional energy has to do or where it has to go and give it as much presence as you can. In its own time (usually not that long) the body will start releasing it. It has no need for that particular triggered situation anymore.
This is why its sooooo important to feel and not think anymore, otherwise we stay on the path of suffering and stay unhealed and unconscious. It’s time for this to be more mainstream, or whoever is ready to heal. We are all here to enjoy our lives in whatever way we see that, not to suffer!
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