I actually don’t like “goal setting” and here’s why.  I’m an A-Type personality and I see this a lot in many other entrepreneurs and business people; when there is a goal set with a timeframe (as the process tells you to do), people tend to push beyond what’s necessary to achieve it by a given timeframe, which often creates more stress and sometimes a feeling of failure or disappointment if the timeframe is not achieved.  AND typically, go-getters are really good at giving themselves super tight timeframes!
Seriously, life is too short to be creating your own reason to stress…
And if you know anything about the Law of Attraction or Manifesting, then you’ll also know that this is completely counter-productive to be pushing, forcing and “trying” to make things happen.
For this reason, I do things a bit differently, so it helps to actually engage the magic in the Universe, meaning it takes a lot less effort on your part to achieve what you’re aiming for.
So, step number 1 is to come up with your INTENTIONS.  These are basically your goals but with less definition. I know, that’s not what they told you to do but stay with me for a bit.
An intention looks a bit like this:
“To have a fit and healthy body with lots of energy to do everything I want to do.”
Notice that I didn’t say “a size 10” or “to lose 20 kgs” and I didn’t say I’d be doing this in 10 weeks or something even more ridiculous for myself.  Alignment is key, it shouldn’t feel stressful to achieve but it should be exciting.  So write these for the key areas you want to focus on this year or right now.
Step number 2 is to get clear about your WHY around each intention.  What will achieving that intention give you personally?  What will it enable you to do?  How will it affect your family or relationship?  How will it affect your work or your clients?  How will it affect others in the world?  Build a really juicy why which will become your motivation rather than a date, so you stay excited and moving forward naturally.
Step number 3 is to, at least on a weekly basis, determine what actions you can take this week (and sometimes daily), that is you living that intention.  The things you would have made as a goal become “milestones” such as every kilo or every $100 increase in income.  Whatever it is, they are milestones that show your progress.  You can write these out but notice, they aren’t the focus specifically <3. This does 2 things; 1, it gets you connected to the main intention and 2, it makes more permanent lifestyle changes so you are focused on changing your life than what might actually be a quick fix that once you achieve, you revert to old behaviours that created the need for the goal in the first place.
Step number 4 is to stay in alignment with what your intentions are.  This is how you get extra Universal help along the way.  Whenever you are in fear or worry, come back to your why and “play” in your imagination as if you are already living it.  See yourself as already there and play out the various conversations or actions you would be doing once you get there.  While this may seem like you are playing in your imagination, what you don’t understand is that you are actually playing in the non-physical and building energy in that outcome.  In order for anything to manifest into your reality, it has to be fed energy and focus. THIS is how you do that.
Visualisation is a known key factor for this reason, so spend lots of time rehearsing this life in your head so it becomes more and more real.  There should be zero doubt that you will achieve this and then it’s just a matter of allowing it to come in or happen for you.
Then as long as you are taking consistent and regular action towards what you want, you will get there, and the Universe will also give you opportunities to achieve it at the perfect time without the stress and fear of not achieving it sabotaging your efforts.
So keep those intentions simple, connect to your big why for natural, rehearse them in my mind often to attract them into reality, and take action daily towards them.  Oh and write them out and put them somewhere you can see every day!  Make it part of your routine to connect with them and plan your actions.
You may get there quicker than if you set a timeframe, it could take longer but at least you’ll be a lot less stressed along the way!
Rach Wilson is a Master Coach that specialises in Mindset Transformation and Emotional Mastery.  She generally works with entrepreneurs but since the tools she teaches are designed to change every area of someone’s mindset, she helps her clients obliterate their fears and transform unhealthy and limiting programming in their mindsets, so they can live a much happier, fulfilling and abundant life with a healthy self-esteem.
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