I was at a sex education class recently and a student put her hand up twice in the class wanting to know more about ‘squirting’. The teacher politely said “I will send you some more info”. The teacher dodged the question…twice… so my guess is she probably didn’t know shit about it or was uncomfortable talking about it. Squirting is a topic that many are curious to know more, yet we don’t openly talk or discuss about it. Because of that, I’ve decided to unveil the curtain and debunk some of the myths & real facts about squirting from a real squirter who has done it in every way fashionable.
So are you ready?
“If you’ve never done it before and it happens and you feel like you peed yourself don’t be embarrassed, this is perfectly normal”
What is squirting?
It is when clear odourless fluid ranging from a small amount to a cup of water exits your body during some form of penetration in your vaginal canal. The more hydrated you are the bigger the mess so make sure you have a towel handy!
What is the percentage of women that squirt?
If statistics show only 15% of women orgasm via penetration then I’m calling bullshit again on the up to 50% statistics found on google surveys and going back to my 4-8% of women. So if you haven’t experienced then you’re not weird!
Is it pee?

  1. People believe the liquid exits from the urethra but as a serial squirter I’m calling bullshit on this one!

It feels like your gonna pee, the liquid technically comes from the bladder & contains about 2% urine but is a clear odourless fluid (and can contain skene gland fluid) and is released internally via a gland which feels like you’ve pressed a small balloon and it has popped.
Is it an orgasm?
NO not necessarily. It is a totally different sensation. On its own out of 10 it is more of a 2 on the Richter scale. You can have a separate orgasm more commonly via the g-spot at the same time.
Is it ejaculation?

  1. Again that can happen at the same time as squirting. If it does it comes from the Skene Gland. This is female ejaculatory fluid. This is located on the back wall of the vagina canal at the lower end of the urethra and near the g-spot. Referred to as the female prostate. It is a tiny structure (gland) excretes fluid into your urethra. Is milky white fluid and has PSA, which is Prostate Specific Antigen, which is the same fluid, found in the male prostate gland. Due to its location by the g-spot ejaculation fluid can be found in the squirt fluid

Physical % of women who can squirt?
100% Physically every woman can do it but your mind is what stops you!
What you see in porn is it real?

  1. These women have not only got a water balloon shoved up their vag but they have been prepping themselves for hours pre squirt shot!

What are the Key components to experience one?
Context – the more relaxed the environment the easier it is to be in the right frame of mind to squirt, state of mind, relax, surrender, g-spot stimulation
Easier to stimulate while she lays on her back if someone is manually stimulating with their fingers. She must be relaxed and focused on Sensations
If you regularly squirt can it affect your health?
As you are doing constant pelvic squeezing it can affect your kegel/PC muscles and exercises will need to be performed to make sure you don’t end up with incontinence
As the partner of pleasure what am I feeling for?
When you insert your finger inside of her vaginal canal you need to locate the depth of your index ring finger (approx. 2inches) inside. Do the ‘come hither’ motion with your fingers to stimulate the g-spot. When swollen it is easier to locate as you need to feel for a large marble in size, larger then a prostate.
How long can it take to have one?
Can be 1 minute can take 30minutes. I’ve had someone find the button in about 20 seconds!
What is the various ways you can squirt?
Finger insertion – It feels like a large marble in size. Larger then a prostate. Location is the depth of your ring on your index finger approx. 2 inches inside. When the g-spot is swollen it is easier to locate
Adult toy (best to have a long shaft dildo or rabbit with a slight curve for depth and to make locating spot easier). Get on your knees and spread legs as wide as you can so you can literally sit on the toy with it touching the floor. Angle the toy to your belly button and start rubbing it in and out (or turn on vibe to squirt faster).
Penetration sex – IT’S AN ANGLES GAME
Easiest way is to be on your back missionary style. Put both ankles around his ears and when he enters get him to pretty much chest-to-chest and start pumping! The angle is sure to reach deep and hit the squirt button.
Standing up against the wall and he enters for behind and aims for your belly button
Doggy style leaning on the wall
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