You’ve met the one. You’ve found your soulmate. The person of your dreams who you’ll spend the rest of your life with and you’ve never been so excited. Life, once again, has meaning.
But wait! Haven’t you been there before? And how many times? How will this time be any different? What can you do to turn the table on that fickle trickster, Cupid?
Three simple steps are all it takes.

  1. Know yourself and what you really want
  2. Recognise who the other person really is
  3. And talk to, and behave towards them in the way they want to be spoken to and treated

Ok, right now you’re probably saying “how in the world do I do that?”. ‘Isn’t that what I’ve been doing”? “Everything was wonderful when we first met, but then they changed”. Why does Mr/Miss Perfect turn into Mr/Miss Dud!
When looking for a partner, everyone is on their best behaviour and putting their best foot forward. But once we’ve found them, and as time goes on, we relax our guard, and how we really prefer to think, feel and act takes over. When the other person does this, we feel let down and the feelings of “I’ve been here before” hits us. We ask ourselves, is it really worth it? Oh, why do we bother?
What if you could look at someone and see straight past the façade, right to the real person underneath? What if some of those prospective partners you’d rejected had been the perfect person. If only you’d been able to see past their façade. What difference would that have made? How much time would you save, not wasting it on the wrong people?
In a great relationship there is no need for compromise. In a great relationship we care, we share, and we love because we want to. Because of the connection we have with our partner. Doing what we do, fulfils us. If you feel this hasn’t been the case and you haven’t been in control, well the great news is that it all starts with you. You have full control over it from the very beginning. All you need do is follow those 3 steps.
Step 1, it all begins with you. Knowing yourself is about understanding your personality traits. And I don’t mean, what colour, animal or car describes your personality. I’m talking about deeper understanding of your personality. How you prefer to take in information, how you process it and how you prefer to be treated. How do you express your feelings and emotions? How do different environments and situations affect you? What are the relationship deal breakers and deal makers for you? Knowing these things will guide you to what you really want in a partner and how your partner needs to treat you. You’ll know what to look for and what to stay away from.
Next, understand your partner’s personality. Just like you, they will be on their best behaviour. Who are they really? How are they likely to change after the euphoria of this new relationship wears off? What they say and what they do, are quite often two different things. The answer is not in their words, but in their deeds.  Their face and body give you all the answers you need.
The third step is to talk to them is in the way they want to be spoken to. Once you understand the first 2 steps, you have the words you need. And once you find a Keeper, the same three steps are all you need to keep them.
I’ve been helping couples to find partners that matched their personalities and to create stronger relationships with existing partners for many years. In many cases I’ve done it from photographs and nothing more. How in the world does that work, you’re asking? Simply, we pull different facial expressions when we are thinking and pulling the same expressions over and over, we create ridges, crevices and change the shape of our face. Those features become the history of how we like to think and ultimately behave, and that gives away our personalities. For instance, the shape and spacing of the eyes will tell us things like how critical a person will be, how jealous they can get, how emotional and tolerant they will be, especially when they get stressed. Other features will tell you how reserved or dramatic they act, how focussed on the relationship they will be or if other things will become more important to them as time goes on. Imagine how useful that knowledge would be to you before you strike left or right on you dating app.
Then by watching the facial expressions and body language, we can read a person’s true emotions. And putting it all together, we now have their character. You’ll know how much, of what they are telling and showing you is who they really are and how much is fake. Learn to read those signs and you’ll know how the other person will be, especially as time goes on and the euphoria of the relationship fades.
The real beauty of having these skills is that you can use them in every area of your life, not just in romance, but in business, raising children and socialising.

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong faces?
Like you, there are a lot of people out there looking for love. Not everyone will be a perfect match and you want to know as soon as possible whether they are right for you.
How often have you gone on and first date with high expectations only to be let down because they aren’t who they seem to be. OR been putting off connecting with someone because they didn’t know how to best present themselves and when you finally do meet they are just what you are looking for.
This online course is designed to help you navigate through the uncertainty and workout who people really are. Short cut wasting time and fast track finding Mr or Miss right. This course is about How to know if they are telling you the truth and a shortcut to Finding and Keeping the Right Partner.  Click below to check it out…

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Alan teaches people how to understand themselves and read other people so that they can create better and longer lasting relationships in all areas of their live. In business to increase sales and improve staff and customer loyalty. In raising and educating children as well as personal relationships. 
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