You know it! There never seems to be enough money, time, support, space, freedom, (insert just about anything here) to do and have what we want in the world at the moment. Everything is so busy and full and it feels like what are constantly chasing our tails to get on top of it. Technology bombards us with images for places we could visit, bodies we could admire but never achieve and food that looks delicious and not like the

Why doesn’t it happen for me?

  A better question would be, how can this happen for me?” 

– Lisa Collard

stuff I serve up at home. This time of the planet is the busiest and most difficult to get the best of life.
Or is it? Our news feeds often tell us that there has NEVER been a time in the history of the world that we can DO, BE or HAVE whatever we want! People are constantly making new lives for themselves, creating new businesses, living off the grid, traveling and writing, home schooling, moving overseas.
Why doesn’t it happen for me? A better question would be, how can this happen for me?

What are you prepared to give up to get what you want?

There are only so many hours in the day and we can fill up those hours with low value tasks or high value tasks. These depend on what you want to achieve or have.
Who do yo need to BE and what do you need to DO to get what you want? What are you going to give up so you can achieve it?
So you want a new pair of shoes that cost hundreds of dollars and you don’t have the cash, even with your pocket money, or the money you earn or have left over at the end of the week, it seems you are never going to get them.

What are you prepared to give up?

Maybe you could stop buying coffee or treats when you are out. Take your lunch and give up the canteen. Give up sleeping in and do odd jobs for others. Reduce your phone use and have extra money as your credit lasts longer. Give up buying crap at the shops for the sake of it. Give up spare time and earn money by selling stuff online or getting a job
Give up your dream of new shoes. YOUR choice.

What if you want to do well on an exam?

What are you prepared to give up that has low value?
Sleeping in. Gossiping with friends. Watching Netflix. Hanging out. Mucking around. Messing up your room so you have to waste time cleaning it. Fighting with others, worrying about what others think, getting involved in other people’s dramas (save so much time letting this stuff go.) Hating on yourself. Procrastinating.
Maybe you want more spare time with your kids. . . hmmm.
You get the idea!
You want something better, you need to make space for it. What low value activities are you prepared to give up?


Lisa Collard

 Lisa Collard
After 20 years Performing Arts Specialist and Educator i have taken my skills in Peak Performance and relationships to a new level. Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a trainer and practioner from the internally renown, ‘The Coaching Institute’ I am excited to let the change work begin! With a tool box full of techniques and processes from my career and education (Bachelor of Education and Graduate Diploma Special Education) I am thrilled to integrate with the wonders of NLP to give you the power to create your compelling future. Are you up for the journey to begin!?
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