Q: What is the difference when a woman says somebody is the best sex of her life compare to the best lover of her life?

I had an ex-girlfriend and before I met her she told me she had the best Sex of her life with a guy in Jordan. It was up against the fence, on the floor of a bar, in the basement, on the staircase, everything!  It’s the best sex of her life she said!!
When she met me she told me I was the best Lover of her life and to me that’s bullshit because that is just a platitude. What’s important is to be the best sex of one’s life especially if you love them. Then after we broke up she was in Texas recently and she met a guy that she wasn’t attracted to but wanted sex and her love addiction compulsions came up. She’s a sex and love addict and goes to meetings and since hooked up with him and she said that he was now the ‘best sex of her life’ and she refuses to talk about it or explain what that means and I don’t know what that means and what is the difference between when a girl says what is the best sex of your life compare to the best lover of her life 
I call her a liar and it hurts my ego to hear that because all I can see in my mind is the ramming and the massive orgasms in the mind blowing everything and what the best lover is like. I feel like saying “oh that was very nice you love and care about me”. She said I was the best lover because I was the first person that really loved her and cared about her but to me that’s not important. I imagine her with the best sex of my life and then Best sex of her life and it really really bothers me because to me that’s what matters and I don’t know the difference and she refuses to talk about it and answer my questions even though we are just friends now and have been for many years.
Thank you, hope you understand my question

A: Dear I’m confused on what the ‘best’ actually means

Yes they are completely different 
Best sex of the life is just physical. Could be that they did something spontaneous or out of the comfort zone or something imaginative naughty and it’s very very physical. It’s about being taken by man which can be looked at as being dominated by a man. A man in his complete divine masculine energy.
The best lover of your life is about connection. Connection goes a lot deeper than just the physical as it becomes physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. This is a lot rarer for a woman.
To connect with a woman goes from top to bottom which means it goes from the mind to the heart, to the sexual energy and organ. For a man to connect it goes from bottom to top which is sexual to heart, emotional to mind.
Men and women work in completely different ways.
Do not negate your experience with her or allow yourself to be emasculated because she said she’s had the ‘best sex of my life’ with someone else. Every single relationship we get into & encounter we do we tend to not forget and hold value specially when a woman tells you it holds value.
The reality is she is not a sex addict. 
She is a woman who is connected with her sexual energy and is enjoying the journey and sexual encounters and experiences with multiple men. That’s awesome!! 
We need to stop shaming women who are opening up like a flower would open with every single encounter that we have. This is how women blossom.
Unfortunately women do not understand this and society tends to shame us for this natural behaviour and action. My suggestion to you is to stop sexual conversations with this woman as you cannot handle it or get excited for her in this journey as instead you are allowing it to affect your ego. Her sexual encounters do not diminish for a moment her sexual experience with you unless you allow it. This is when I see you cannot be friends with your ex as it’s very clear that you are still in love with her.

Q: Someone said I was a pity fuck. What does that mean?

I’ve been with my husband for years and had two children with him. Things have been good but not great. He always seems distracted and we don’t really seem to connect anymore. I’m now conscious of being a nag too. When I was chatting ‘girl talk’ my mates said I was a pity fuck. I don’t understand what that mean

A: Sorry you found out this way

Obviously I wasn’t privy to the nitty gritty of your girly conversation so I will just answer your initial question. A PITY FUCK means someone has had sex with you to keep you quiet or because they felt sorry for you. Some people ‘give’ pity fucks and some ‘are’ pity fucks. No matter which way we look at it aint good! It means your relationship is hanging by a thread. One or both parties are no longer attracted to each other or maybe sex has become a chore to one party so they ‘do it’ to keep the peace with their partner. This is some real unhealthy shit. Really doesn’t matter which side of the fence your on something has to change and fast. This is bad for the Ego and bad for longevity on the relationship. Eventually one party will become bitter with the other so as I say NEVER SETTLE. If it’s not a FUCK YES then its a FUCK NO!
So go process that info and either refuse to have sexy out of pity and find out what really floats your partners boat, turn on some music, grab some sexy underwear and dance around your house so you turn up in all your divine feminine essence (a man ultimate turn-on guaranteed) and make this man WANT to snort you up like cocaine next time!